Due Diligences

All startups are not born equal. This is especially true with technology.

To bet on the right horses, successful investors carefully scrutinize startup candidates. They invest a significant amount of ressources in analysing key aspects of each business. They perform deep strategic, legal and financial due diligences.

For lack of time or ressources technology scrutiny is often oversighted.

This is a dangerous omission though, as technology can be an incredible leverage or a terrible burden to carry.

This startup picked the right infrastructure, the right stack, the right team, the right process. Good. It may have a chance to skyrocket and maximize its digital leverage to dominate a promissing market.

This one has chosen outdated languages and frameworks, it has little control over the quality of the code it produces. Too bad, it will struggle to attract talents, arrive after its competitor on the targeted market and won't be able to scale without paying back major technical debts. This will be painful and costly.

Simple security checks on technology aspects will prevent you from a lot of trouble.

At Peers and Peers, we assess the technological dimension of startups. We think it is key to make relevant investments decisions.

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